New Media Marketing Completion

Month Six’s class New Media Marketing was an interesting class. The biggest focus in this class was creating either an influencer outreach program or a brand ambassador program. Either is a great choice and if your company can both is an even better goal to work towards in the future. We also developed personas for our brand by differentiating between a customer, influencer and fan. We set Micro and Macro goals, that are unique to our business objectives. I chose a brand ambassador program to help out my company Rotor Riot. This will help facilitate brand advocacy by cultivating existing relationships into a deeper one with Rotor Riot’s loyal reps, dealers and distributors. Their fans love the brand already, will consider our brand THEIR brand and will be able to point out any problems and help give advice on how to fix these issues. We were also given great feedback and tips on how to address with negative comments on social media. Some of the take away tips I learned was to not let a negative comment go unnoticed or too long in-between follow ups. “A small problem can quickly escalate into a social media firestorm if you wait too long to act.” (Collier 2013) Another is to make sure to do what I can to help out the unhappy customer and try to get them back on a positive side. “You have to account for the larger picture. Going above and beyond for one customer can touch far more potential customers and drastically improve your brand’s perception in ways that no other marketing tactic can. It’s not about that single customer at that specific point in time.” (Book 2014) For the final week of this class I created a measurement plan and will be using Metrics & ROI to see if this plan is working.


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